Our Hearts Still Beat - Issue 1

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Our Hearts Still Beat - Issue 1

Margins Publishing
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Our Hearts Still Beat is a zine organized to benefit the Orlando queer community. Collecting work—including illustrations, comics, short stories, and poetry—from 17 creators in 12 pieces (in Issue 1 alone!), it is a celebration of queer life and love. The zine is meant to be an opportunity to heal, both for those who have graciously donated their work and for those who read it. Our Hearts Still Beat #1 includes the work of:

Puré • Stephanie Brown • Erica Chan • Francesca & Michela Da Sacco • Shaula Evans & Viviane Tybusch • Jillian A. F. • Allie Hotchkiss • Ingram • Francesco Savino & Roberta Ingranata • Pat Shand & Manuel Preitano • Gwen Young • Melissa Zanella & Francesca Zambon

Every cent made from sales of Our Hearts Still Beat will go to The Center, the largest LGBT+ resource center in Orlando (www.thecenterorlando.org).

This is the first of two issues of the zine. Find the second at www.gum.co/HSB-2 !

Note: The zine is priced to be affordable while still letting folks donate a little more money if they so choose, but we know money is tight for a lot of people. If you're queer and want a copy, but don't feel you can spare the cash right now, send us a note at marginspublishing@gmail.com and we'll make sure we get one to you.

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