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It's here, it's queer, and you can read it right there on your screen!

DATES is an anthology of queer historical fiction. In this exciting second volume, themed around the idea of progress, travel in time as far back as a drinking contest in Mesopotamia during Hammurabi's reign, or as recently as a small highway town in the late-1950s USA.

Featuring the talents of 35 creators in 17 comics, 18 full-color illustrations, and 2 short prose stories, this 268-page, perfect-bound paperback book tells the story of queer people making change in their lives and their communities, throughout time and across the world. Dates 2 was edited by Zora Gilbert & Cat Parra, and includes work by:

A D'Amico • Ahmara Smith & Saf Davidson • Ayanna Johnson • Cat Parra & JJ Barnes • Effie Lee • Erica Chan • Fanfi • Fyodor Pavlov & Megan McFerren • Grace Park • Gwen C. Katz • Imas Esther • Ingram • Isnri & Yiyun Teo • Jessica Trevino & Claudia Astorino • Kate Wellenstein & Juliana Pinho • Kelly Fernandez • Marie-Anne Dt • Michelle Gruppetta • millionfish • Nicole Fieger • Noella Whitney • Kate Kasenow & Pat Shand (with letters by Jim Campbell) • Telênia Albuquerque • Val Wise • Vivian Zhou

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Dates 2: Progress - Digital PDF

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