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It's here, it's queer, and it's our biggest book yet!

DATES is an anthology of queer historical fiction. In this rip-rollin' third volume, join characters from all through history and across the world as they find adventure. Hop on racing trains in 1800s England, gallop through the Wild West, and journey across the ocean in pursuit of knowledge.

Featuring the talents of 50 creators in 21 comics, 23 full-color illustrations, and 3 short prose stories, this 300+ page, perfect-bound paperback book centers queer characters as they live their lives and star in their own adventures.

Dates 3 was edited by Zora Gilbert & Cat Parra, and includes work by:

A D’Amico • Ahueonao • Alan Capes & Shauntae Ball • Amet • Anastasia Longoria • Caroline Dougherty • Cat Parra & JJ Barnes • Fanfi • Fawn Prince • G.C. Houle • Grace Teoh • Haeji Lee • Isabelle Melancon & Megan Lavey-Heaton • Kelsey Leigh • Jessica Treviño • Lauren Dombrowski & Cait Kay • Lany & Beckett Thornber • M. Liu • Makkine • Marie-Anne Dt • Meg Coates • Michelle Gruppetta • NOL • Paige S. Allen & Telênia Albuquerque • Ravi Teixeira • Robby Barrett & Joe Corallo • Sarah Webb & Paloma Hernando • Schpog • Sera Bell • Shaina Lu & Sunny Ôchumuk • Shannon Kao • Sonia Liao • Sparklenaut & Basalisk • stc019 • Svetla Rose & Sunmi

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Dates 3: Adventure - Digital PDF

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